An Open Invitation to Journey

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1) Taste

Last weekend I took my family out to the taste of Madison. The food was so good, the music was great and the story-telling was everywhere. Seriously, each booth was telling a story about how that business owner was inspired to make the food they make.

The musicians on the stage took time to tell the short stories behind their songs. Then as I made my way around the Capitol building the Lambaeu at 100 display was setup. This was where four trailers of Green Bay Packers were telling stories. I’m from Seattle, so I’m first and foremost a Seahawks fan. However, after listening to the stories and seeing all that the Packers had done for the past 100 years, I was inspired. That is what stories do: they inspire us like nothing else. 

2) Inspire

The Bible is one big story. In fact, it is the greatest story ever. It contains 66 books, written over thousands of years, communicating one clear message about God’s kingdom and His rule over all. This story, therefore, tells us about the glory of the King, His name is Jesus. Further, it shows us how He saves every time. In addition, teaching us that his love is never stopping, never giving up, always and forever. The Bible is the Biggest Story. So big that our stories all fit inside of what God is doing in the universe. The better we know God’s story, the better we will be able to live our own story and walk our own journey. 

3) Journey

Therefore, over the next 12 weeks we are going to go on a journey, as a church, through the Biggest Story. In just three months we will make it through the whole Bible as a church. No matter where you are in your faith journey, there will be something for you. Are you brand new reading the Bible and learning about Jesus? You will get to see how it all connects together. Have you been walking with Jesus for years? You, too, will see and learn new things that you have never seen before as we look again at the mighty acts of God throughout scripture. 

This will be the perfect series for people new to church. Because, each week we will hear a few of the great stories in the Bible. We will also connect them to Jesus and learn how to apply them to our lives. So, invite your friends, tune in online and go to our website if you miss a week. I can’t wait to go on this journey with you through the Biggest Story. 

See you Sunday!

Pastor Steven