The Top Search Terms On This Website Will Deeply Disturb You…

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We have seen some funny search traffic on our website over the past several months. A while back I was looking at some of our search analytics and was surprised to learn that our church was ranking high for searches for “Buy Weed In Madison.”  The best we can tell that was driven from a post written by Lindy Biller called “Weeding Out Worry”

Google is an interesting beast.

But last week I was met with some analytics that truly disturbed me.  A few weeks before I wrote a piece called “How To Keep Your Kids Safe When They Carry Porn In Their Pockets.” It was well received and challenged the way we talk to our kids about porn.

Immediately after the post we saw a huge spike in traffic coming to our website.  I was really excited about that.  Me being a numbers guy, I couldn’t wait to dig in to google and see what was driving this.  Here’s what I found:

kiddie porn is rampant on a church website

The top two search terms that Google pointed to our site were “kids porn” and “porn kids”. In a 2 week period over 1200 people searching for kiddie porn were referred to our site.  The next closest search term was the name of our church.  There were 5 times as many searches for kiddie porn related content as there were for the name of our church.

Those two weeks were the most active weeks on Google in the history of our website.

Let that sink in for a second. It is crazy.  And if I am being honest it makes me angry.

I’m angry because I’d like to think that child pornography usage is rare, but everything seems to point to the fact that it isn’t.  A 2005 Study found that Child pornography has become a $3 billion annual industry.  Another study found that Approximately 20% of all Internet pornography involves children.

Kiddie Porn is a huge problem in our country.

And sadly, this is a problem that we are feeding.

One of the nation’s largest pornographic websites (not linked for obvious reasons) did a study of 2014 search behavior on their site that revealed another terrifying trend.  The most searched for term in their archives is not one of the usual exotic suspects.  It was a simple 4 letter word.


There is greater appetite for teenage themed pornography than any other genre. This is what the people of our nation are consuming at an enormous rate.  This is what is shaping peoples sexual behaviors and desires.

The pornography industry as a whole draws an absurd line in the sand. One one hand most companies play the part of law abiding outfits, recruiting only actors over 18 years of age.  On the other hand they are  creating content that is clearly designed to have the viewer believe the actors are underage as babysitters and schoolgirls.

By these actions the pornography industry is creating a legion of pedophiles.

By depicting sex acts with schoolgirls and babysitters the pornography industry is creating legions of pedophiles. Click to Tweet

If we put a needle in front of an addict, no one is surprised when he uses it to get high.  Why are we shocked when the person who has been consuming teen themed pornography for years finally acts out on it?  We really shouldn’t be.

This has to stop. For the sake of our kids, things need to change.

If this bothers you too, there are a couple of things you can do.

  1. Get the word out. Most people assume that kiddie porn is something in the fringes, not available for mainstream consumption.  The world needs to know it is being used regularly.  You probably know someone who uses child pornography.  You are probably connected to them on social media. When people know that you are wise to it, and are watching for it, it may change their behaviors.  Awareness only goes so far, but sharing articles like these can start to turn the tide.  People who use child porn will start to know that you are on to them!
  2. Stop consuming porn.  Did you know that 25% of all internet searches are related to pornography?  It is an epidemic and it is molding our future in unhealthy ways. Most people who consume pornography do not believe it is healthy and have tried to stop.  If you regularly view pornography, whether paid or through ad revenue, you are supporting the pornography industry. Male or female,  if you have tried to stop watching porn and have been unsuccessful, it is time to face the fact that you have an addiction. Overcoming that addiction will almost certainly involve talking to someone else about it.  That will not be fun. In fact it will embarrassing, but have the courage to take that step.  Talk to someone, and walk in freedom today.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. – John 8:36


For those looking for help out of a pornography addiction, a great place to start would be at XXXchurch.  This is the best resource I have seen for these issues. Follow the link and find the scenario that you find yourself in.  These guys Rock!